Dance Instruction

Classes Offered:

The Mary Ann Studio of Dance offers classes in a variety of styles for dancers of all ages from toddlers to adults.

* Terrific 2s and 3s (Intro to Dance for beginners. Adult participation may be necessary)

* Tiny Tots: Ages 2 & 3

* Pre-K Combo: Ages 4 & 5

* Jr-K Combo: Ages 4-6

* Ballet & Jazz: Ages 6-10

* Jazz & Tap Combo (KinderKids): Ages 6-8

* Jazz & Tap Combo (Mini Dancers): Ages 6-9

* Jazz & Tap Combo (Starlets): Ages 8-10

* Jr. Dancers Classes: Ages 9-13. Jazz, Tap & Ballet.

* Superstar Classes: Ages 10-14. Jazz, Tap & Lyrical.

* Young Professionals: Young Adults. Jazz, Ballet Toe & Lyrical, Tap.
* Womens' Classes. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes available in Jazz and Tap. Recitals are optional.

* Adult Ballet Classes are offered at the Agawam Studio

(Not all classes are available at all our locations.)

Dress Code:

In order to teach proper dance technique, teachers need to see body placement and alignment. 

Baggy clothing and jeans are not allowed during dance lessons, only as costumes for performance.

Street shoes may never be worn on dance floors.

No gum chewing in class.

Appropriate Dress:

Ballet - any color leotard and tights, white ballet slippers (or pink pointe shoes for advanced students)

Hip-Hop/Jazz - any color leotard, tights, or jazz pants, white ballet slippers. (or black jazz shoes for advanced students).

 Tap - any color leotard, tights or dance pants, white tap shoes (or tan heel tap shoes for advanced students). 

Hair must be off the face.



Tuition - There is a $10.00 registration fee.

Tuition may be paid yearly (special rate) or may be divided into 10 monthly payments.

Monthly payments are due at the beginning of each month.

Missed Classes - Any missed classes may be made up at no additional charge.

Snow Days - In the event of a snow day no refunds will be given to the class missed, instead a makeup class will be offered at no additional charge.